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1. Angular Acceleration & Moment Of Inertia (Physics Tutor Se
This program explains the moment of inertia and how it governs the way a body will behave in rotational motion. Then he works out problems, one step at a time, de...  more info
2. Angular Momentum (Physics Tutor Series)
This program teaches the concept of angular momentum of a rotating system, working out problems one step at a time that illustrate the conservation of angular mom...  more info
3. Angular Speed & Angular Acceleration (Physics Tutor Series
Learn the concept of angular speed and angular acceleration and how to recognize a problem that deals with angular motion. Then he works out problems, one step at...  more info
4. Atoms (Matter In Action Series)
This program helps the abstract concept of atoms become understandable. Many of the major scientific breakthroughs contributing to our understanding of atoms are...  more info
5. Atoms & Molecules (Physical Science In Action)
ATOMS AND MOLECULES - in this fun and engaging program, students will learn about the three main subatomic particles - protons, neutrons and electrons, the forces...  more info
6. Atoms Of Fire Part 1
ATOMS OF FIRE VOLUME ONE - Episode 1 - The Organic Mystery: The origin of organic chemistry, the death of Vitalism and more. Episode 2 - A Taste of Hydrocarbons:...  more info
7. Bend & Stretch (Force & Motion Series)
We all expect a spring to stretch or compress when a force is applied, but forces can even deform solid objects like the floor or the top of a table. In this work...  more info
8. Building Blocks/ Food For Thought (Endless Voyage)
BUILDING BLOCKS: A definition of life is offered and evolution of life in the marine environment is examined. The theory of evolution by natural selection is pres...  more info
9. Buoyant Force(Physics Tutor Series)
This program explains the principles of buoyancy and Archimedesí Principle of fluid displacement. Go step by step through specific problems that will show you in ...  more info
10. Can We Believe Our Eyes (Minds Of Our Own)
Why is it that students can graduate from MIT and Harvard, yet not know how to solve a simple third-grade problem in science: lighting a light bulb with a battery...  more info
11. Catalyst 2008 Episode 1
UNDERSEA VENT Dr. de Ronde and a team of scientists from the GNS research centre in Wellington, New Zealand, are heading to Brothers Volcano to map the sea floor ...  more info
12. Catalyst 2008 Episode 15 & 16 & 17
POSITIVE THINKING "Is there good science to support the commonly held belief that the power of positive thinking can aid an individual in their fight against canc...  more info
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